OSFLOW is a unique horizontal oscillation platform

One solution for your discomfort

The OSFLOW is a world novelty in the wellness market and creates an optimal alignment of the biomechanical skeletal system. The OSFLOW is a wellness device and you will enjoy many benefits.

Reduces (back) -pain

Back pain or neck stiffness are often caused by muscle tensions. The oscillations of the OSFLOW relaxes the muscles and help loosen these tensions.

Activates blood flow – stimulates lymph circulation

The OSFLOW oscillations activate blood and lymph flow and you feel the results after 5 min: your body feels warmer and you feel the ‘heat’ spreading along the spinal cord through the whole body.

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How to use the OSFLOW?

At the beginning, it is recommend to use the OSFLOW between 3-5 minutes once or twice a day. Once you feel secure and stable on the device, you can increase the time. You will receive a free comprehensive exercise guide with your OSFLOW device. The proper posture on the OSFLOW follows the principles of the Taiji/Qigong.


The ‘feet only’ position is a great way to recreate the flow-feeling. Your feet benefit more from the natural impulse of the OSFLOW® that decreases the effects of flatfoot or splayfoot.

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The standing position is the most effective position to center the skeleton, to align all joints and to improve your flexibility. You stand on the OSFLOW and keep your body loose. The ‘flow’ moves through the skeleton from toes to head; after a couple of minutes you feel the oscillations like a very comfortable sensation

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This exercise has extensive effects on the whole pelvis area of your body. Your metabolism is increased, and muscle tensions become more equal, which means that weak muscles become stronger, and strong muscles become looser.

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Another wellness position is the ‘calves’ position, where you place your back on the floor in front of the OSLFOW. Your calves are placed on the OSFLOW directly. This helps relax “heavy” legs after a long day. This position encourages ‘backflow’ into your legs.

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In the back position of the OSFLOW you will relax your whole back. You should rest your head at a convenient height on the cube. The lying position is useful to decrease stress, or sleep problems. You can lie on the OSFLOW® before bed and then you should sleep more soundly.

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What OSFLOW users are saying

"About 1 year ago, I tried at Grey Oaks Country Club the OSFLOW as an experiment and promptly became a regular user. In my case, I have avoided surgery for spinal stenosis for about 10 years through various means. The OSFLOW device has become a go to solution in this quest to avoid surgery along with my personal trainer. Back pain has largely subsided to the point I am pain free most days. I am playing golf more frequently and generally feel the regular use of OSFLOW has made a substantial contribution to my current quality of life. In conclusion, I feel my well-being has vastly improved when I use the OSFLOW regularly, daily if possible. -> slide for more"

Al Fraga, Naples FL

"At the beginning, I was skeptical about the benefits of the OSFLOW®, but then I leased the device, started to use the OSFLOW® everyday and just felt better. Flexible, loose and more balanced. It feels good and makes a difference to my day. Most importantly, I dropped my Handicap by four strokes! -> slide for more!"

Werner C. Bonita Springs, FL

"I have been using my Osflow for almost 7 weeks now and I can report that it has made a huge difference to my well being and fitness. I bought it principally for lower back pain after having a nasty fall. Not only has it almost cured my back pain but it has also given me a much better alignment. I do not hesitate to recommend the Osflow and thank, in particular, Christoph Rudolf for his kind assistance in introducing me to it's many uses. -> slide for more!"

Margaret Smith

"I have been using the OSFLOW device daily for over 12 months now and have experienced substantial back pain relief and radically improved balance and flexibility. The OSFLOW device helps to work daily on balance and flexibility consistently (and properly) and will increase the range of motion, power and ultimately… helps to reduce your handicap! -> slide for more!"

Tom Patri, One of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America

Professional OSFLOW users are saying...

"I am realy satisfied with the service OsflowUSA. The OSFLOW Consultant was very knowledgeable and has helped our members a lot"